Keelspot Drives 30% Freight Cost Savings, Championed by Leading Customer

Discover how Keelspot revolutionizes coastal shipping with 30% cost savings and innovative logistics solutions.

Keelspot Drives 30% Freight Cost Savings, Championed by Leading Customer

Keelspot, an innovative coastal shipping platform, has reached a pivotal milestone with 150 pilot customers, leading the charge in revolutionizing maritime logistics. Prominent among these is Selstad, a significant player in marine-based industries, exemplifying the platform's capacity to slash freight costs by an impressive 30%.

Selstad's enthusiastic adoption of Keelspot highlights the platform's transformative impact. Janne Seljeseth Dybvik, Selstad's Logistics Manager, champions the economic and environmental advantages brought by Keelspot.

"With Keelspot, we're seeing a sea change in maritime transport," states Dybvik. "It's not just about cost savings; it's about making sea routes more viable and competitive."

Svein A. Vatsø, founder of Keelspot, designed the platform to solve the long-standing challenge of unused cargo space in coastal shipping, often as high as 30-40%. This innovation offers a unique solution where shippers can list available space, and cargo owners and forwarders can find efficient, cost-effective shipping options.

Keelspot, in collaboration with the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Norwegian Mapping Authority, is pioneering in providing comprehensive data on port infrastructure and freight costs. This integration is key to making these costs transparent and accessible, a first in the industry.

The platform's impact is evident in customers like Haplast, a plastic manufacturer overcoming logistical challenges with Keelspot’s insights. Furthermore, logistics companies such as Kyst1 recognize the value Keelspot brings in streamlining freight coordination.

Keelspot in action: Navigate through a sea of freight opportunities on our dynamic map, optimizing every voyage.

Ivar Borthen and Rich Jones, leading the technological development at Keelspot, are instrumental in realizing these innovations. Their work underscores the startup's commitment to redefining the maritime logistics landscape.

Keelspot's promise of reducing freight costs by 30% is a game-changer, offering not just operational efficiencies but a significant competitive advantage. The platform is rapidly becoming a key player in maritime transport's future.

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