Keelspot Usage FAQ.

Q1: What is Keelspot?
Keelspot is a digital marketplace that connects cargo owners and shipowners. It provides a real-time overview of available capacity, enabling efficient utilization, control of environmental accounts, and enhanced sea transport opportunities for all players in the value chain.

Q2: Who can benefit from using Keelspot?
All actors in the transport value chain that need sea transport solutions, including cargo owners, customers, charterers, and ship operators, can benefit. Shipowners operating in the spot market, especially those not part of a brokerage network, will find the platform particularly beneficial.

Q3: How does Keelspot enhance voyage execution?
With better sharing of information between system actors, real-time voyage execution becomes more predictable. This ensures smooth and cost-efficient sailing, leading to more effective planning and decision-making for voyages.

Q4: How do I use the platform for assignments?
Cargo owners can place assignments on Keelspot. In response, ship operators will submit their tenders. Cargo owners can then choose based on price, method, and ship specifications. This might lead to more competitive pricing and potentially faster deliveries.

Q5: Can others see the offers made by shipowners?
No, offers from shipowners are only visible to the relevant cargo owner.

Q6: How do I register a vessel on Keelspot?
To register a vessel on Keelspot, first navigate to the "My Fleet" section and select "Add Vessel." Input the vessel's IMO number, and the application will automatically fetch its basic details. You can then add specific information about the vessel's equipment and capacity. Once all details are provided, simply click on "Register" to complete the registration. If you encounter any issues, our customer support is available to assist you.

Q7: Can I use Keelspot for multiple operations?
Absolutely! You can post vessels and access freight requests or vice versa – post a freight request and gain access to available vessels.

Q8: How will I know about new requests relevant to me?A: Keelspot sends out notifications via email to all relevant parties when a new request is published.

Q9: Can I communicate directly with potential buyers or sellers on Keelspot?
Yes, Keelspot allows direct messaging between buyers and sellers related to a specific request. You can also attach relevant documents or images within these messages.

Q10: How does Keelspot change the sea logistics system?
Keelspot serves as a market-clearing platform, enhancing the information availability for more efficient decision-making. Cargo owners can better integrate sea logistics into their planning, studying system status transparently, and predicting future routing. The platform also promotes direct matching of supply and demand on a systemic scale without intermediaries.

Q11: How does Keelspot ensure the legitimacy of its users?
We validate all new users to maintain the platform's integrity and trustworthiness. Only verified users can post requests or make offers.

Q12: How to invite Team Members?
To add more team members from your organization, go to your profile settings and invite them. They will be linked to your company's organization number. There's no limit to the number of team members you can add.

Q13: Can others see the offers made by shipowners?
No, offers from shipowners are only visible to the relevant cargo owner.

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