Keelspot Makes a Mark at Breakbulk Futures Event in the Middle East

Keelspot's CEO discusses leading the charge in digitalizing coastal shipping, showcased to Breakbulk's extensive global network.

Keelspot Makes a Mark at Breakbulk Futures Event in the Middle East

In a landmark achievement, Keelspot was chosen to feature at the prestigious Breakbulk Futures during Breakbulk Middle East in Dubai, signaling a pivotal expansion into new markets and territories. CEO Svein Arild Vatsø and Nikolai Nordbotn, the business developer and incubator leader, represented Keelspot, unveiling the innovative marketplace designed for breakbulk and project cargo to a global audience.

Global Showcase and Learning:

The Breakbulk Middle East 2024 event served as a prime stage for Keelspot, offering the team invaluable insights into the challenges and pain points of leading market players. This participation not only highlighted Keelspot's innovative solutions but also emphasized the importance of understanding diverse market needs across different continents.

Building International Connections:

Keelspot's presence at the event was a resounding success, leading to the establishment of new connections with potential partners and customers from the Middle East, India, and China. These promising contacts have expressed interest in becoming pilot customers, marking a significant step forward in Keelspot's journey towards global recognition and collaboration.

Collaboration with Innovation Norway:

A standout moment of the trip was the engagement with Innovation Norway, which facilitated warm introductions to the authorities in Dubai. These introductions are anticipated to pave the way for fruitful collaborations and support for Keelspot's initiatives in the region.

A Future of Growth and Expansion:

The event concluded with Keelspot returning home armed with numerous leads and potential users, showcasing the growing interest in their ecosystem. With new companies registering on the platform daily, Keelspot is set for rapid expansion and is eagerly anticipating its next stop at Breakbulk Europe in Rotterdam this May.

Keelspot's CEO and founder shines in an exclusive interview at the Breakbulk event, reaching an audience of 40,000 followers across their channels.
Looking Forward:

As Keelspot continues to navigate the waters of international trade and logistics, the team is fueled by the excitement of uncovering new opportunities and strengthening their marketplace. The journey to Breakbulk Middle East has been a testament to Keelspot's potential and the global need for innovative solutions in breakbulk and project cargo handling.

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