Revolutionizing Coastal Shipping: Keelspot's Digital Transformation Journey

Keelspot is spearheading the digital revolution in coastal shipping, unlocking untapped potential and modernizing maritime communications

Revolutionizing Coastal Shipping: Keelspot's Digital Transformation Journey

The Digital Wave

From fax to email, there hasn't been a dramatic shift in the way the maritime industry communicates, until Keelspot. While the industry is notoriously known for its conservative nature, a trailblazing company aims to break these barriers.

Founder Svein Arild Vatsø, donning the title 'Captain of Keelspot's website,' combines his two decades of maritime experience with his artistic flair, making Keelspot not just another company but a bridge-builder in the Norwegian shipping industry. Having spent half his maritime career as a skipper, Vatsø's passion for innovation is evident.

Navigating Potential

Back in 2021, as Vatsø gazed at his expansive, vacant ship deck, the realization hit: there was no platform facilitating the efficient utilization of these empty spaces, even in a world that's digitalizing at lightning speed. Neither the Norwegian Coastal Administration nor the Norwegian Maritime Directorate had an answer.

The Smaller Players

While digital solutions targeting this space have previously surfaced around the early 2000s, none have cemented their place. Veteran coastal scientist and historian Dag Bakka sees a more promising future for Keelspot. The platform's precision targeting of smaller shipping companies gives it an edge, offering a robust platform that doesn't aim to replace brokers but rather aids in streamlining their operations.

Ship more product, less often

With findings indicating that only 60-70% of loading capacity is typically utilized, the untapped potential is immense. Harnessing even a fraction of this unutilized capacity could lead to significant operational savings and contribute massively to the industry's decarbonization efforts. Keelspot's vision is crystal clear: initially serve the smaller general cargo sector and gradually penetrate larger markets.

Keelspot's unique approach combines modern technology with deep industry insights, aiming to bring smaller players to the forefront, who have often been overshadowed by the giants. The next hurdle? Convincing an age-old industry to believe in a modern revolution.

“Convincing an age-old industry to believe in a modern revolution”

In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, industries like coastal shipping cannot afford to lag behind. Keelspot stands at the forefront of this maritime revolution, aiming to digitize, optimize, and streamline operations for both large and smaller players. As the industry continues to evolve, embracing such innovative solutions will not only be a boon for efficiency but also a vital step towards a more sustainable and interconnected maritime future.

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